Assessment Automation Software

Assessment Automation Software

Your assessment program, automated! Adaptable software solutions for your unique needs.

Whether you manage an accreditation program, certification program or licensing program, HSO provides flexible software solutions to help you automate it.

Integrated, Paperless Assessments

HSO’s software solutions are an affordable, low maintenance way to advance your quality assessment program.

Our software will allow you to add your own standards content, replacing inefficient substitutes such as paper assessments, excel spreadsheets and piece-meal software that don’t speak to each other.

  • Increase efficiencies
  • Reduce errors
  • Save time and money

Trusted, Proven, Dependable

HSO’s Assessment Automation Solutions will build upon Accreditation Canada’s 50+ years of experience providing health care accreditation to organizations around the world.

How it works

Our team of software developers will work with you to build a software solution to meet the unique needs of your assessment program by tailoring our existing software or custom designing a new solution for you from the ground up.

All-in-one Automation Software

Opting for a full software suite will allow you to easily manage your entire assessment program in one place.

Full Suite Solution

Self-Serve Automation Solutions

Opting for one of our self-serve solutions will allow you to quickly and affordably automate data collection for assessments.

Self-Serve Automation Solution

Custom Automation Solutions

If you’re looking for a truly unique solution that our existing software doesn’t solve, we would be pleased to work with you to develop a software solution customized to your specific needs. Let’s co-create and build a better future for your quality assessment program.

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