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Develop your Accreditation Program with HSO

Health Care Accreditation is an ongoing process of assessing health and social services providers against standards focused on quality, to identify what is being done well and what needs to be improved. Accreditation is an effective improvement and risk management methodology applied in most jurisdictions.

Qmentum Accreditation Program

HSO’s Qmentum Accreditation Program provides organizations with an independent, third-party assessment using HSO’s world-class standards of excellence and is delivered by an HSO Assessment Partner.

The Qmentum Accreditation Program involves all members of the organization, from the board of directors to frontline staff as well as members of the community including patients and families and community partners. It helps health and social services organizations understand how to make better use of resources, increase efficiency, enhance quality and safety, and reduce risk.

The Qmentum program is used in 35 countries around the world in over 10,000 locations. It is the most flexible accreditation program, fitting for smaller single sites, multi-site organizations and large health systems across the health eco-system. It is designed to provide detailed ratings for service-specific criteria at each location assessed, which allows organizations to pinpoint areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Build your Accreditation Body with Program Licensing

HSO provides the Qmentum accreditation program under license to independent assessment bodies.  Assessment bodies, both public and private, can become an HSO Assessment Partner permitting them to deliver the Qmentum program for specific types of providers or jurisdictions. They can also rebrand the Qmentum program under a national program brand.
Assessment Partners are granted use of the essential elements to successfully operate the Qmentum program, including:

  • HSO’s Health Service Provider Standards
  • Qmentum program resources
  • Assessment handbooks
  • The [e]volve™ software Management System
  • Ongoing support

It also grants access to updates and enhancements as they become available, ensuring our Assessment Partners and their clients have quick and easy access to new and innovative tools.

HSO’s Qmentum Accreditation Program is the accreditation program of choice for a growing number of national assessment bodies, including Accreditation Canada, IQG (Brazil) and Qualicor Europe.

HSO Health Care Accreditation Program Licensed Components

Timeline showing: Standards, Assessment Standards, Software, Resources, Training

Co-creating an Accreditation Program

HSO also works with Assessment and Regulatory Bodies, Government, Associations or Institutes to develop custom accreditation programs. Our unique Business Design methodology employs best practices to work with you in the co-creation of an accreditation program based on the existing Qmentum program framework or design a new one tailored specifically to your needs.

In addition to the development of an accreditation program, HSO can work with you to develop the accompanying standards, software and training for your program.

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