The Distinction Program is a rigorous and highly specialized accreditation program based on in-depth clinical performance measures and protocols designed to recognize clinical excellence and commitment to innovation and leadership in a continuum of care.

HSO works with clinical organizations to develop and maintain Distinction programs that are delivered by HSO Assessment Partners.

Stroke Distinction

Stroke Distinction has been developed in partnership with Heart and Stroke Foundation and follows standards that are based on the Canadian Stroke Best Practices, and in-depth, stroke-specific performance indicators and protocols.

Trauma Distinction

Developed in partnership with the Trauma Association of Canada, the Trauma Distinction program recognizes trauma systems or networks that demonstrate clinical excellence and an outstanding commitment to leadership in trauma care.

The program promotes a coordinated, systemic approach to trauma, beginning with pre-hospital care and continuing through hospital care and rehabilitation. It consists of specialized standards, protocols, and performance indicators that support excellence and innovation.

Co-creating a Distinction Program

Assessment and Regulatory Bodies, Government, Associations and Institutes may sponsor the development of a Distinction Program. Our unique Business Design methodology employs best practices to work with you in the co-creation of standards and Distinction assessment methodologies. HSO can apply an existing program framework or design a new one tailored specifically to your needs.

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