HSO Recognition Programs

HSO’s Recognition Programs are quality improvement frameworks that allow for the assessment of health services against a single standard or a short set of requirements from one or several standards. They are designed to highlight the level of quality or performance achieved by a team, a health service organization or health system.

Recognition Program Framework

An HSO Recognition Program is a quality improvement process that measures continuous improvement based on a small set of standards requirements or an organizational competency. Successful organizations are granted a Recognition status using a scale from 1 to 5, where five indicates that the requirements are mastered.

The Recognition Program cycle consists of five main stages, for those using the program:


Co-creating a Recognition Program

Assessment and Regulatory Bodies, Government, Associations and Institutes may sponsor the development of a recognition program and/or standards. Our unique Business Design methodology employs best practices to work with you in the co-creation of standards and assessment methodologies.

Your organization may sponsor the development of a recognition program that will be used to assess your organization against an existing standard or one developed for you. HSO can apply an current program framework or design a new one tailored specifically to your needs.

If you require the development of a standard, HSO will work in collaboration with you and an approved Technical Committee to develop the HSO Standard based on our rigorous Standard Development Process.

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