Dr. Sarita Verma

Dr. Sarita Verma is the President, Vice Chancellor, Dean and CEO of NOSM University. She was the Vice-President, Education at the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada and is Professor Emerita in the University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine. Formerly the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Associate Vice-Provost, Health Professions Education, Dr. Verma is a family physician who originally trained as a lawyer at the University of Ottawa (1981) and later completed her medical degree at McMaster University (1991). She has also been a Diplomat in Canada’s Foreign Service and worked with UNCHR in Sudan and Ethiopia for several years. For six years, Dr. Verma held the position of Governor at the University of Toronto. She has also been a board member of several teaching hospitals. She currently serves on the boards of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center and the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, ICES, Associated Medical Services and the Health Sciences Research Institute in Sudbury, Ont. Among several awards, Dr. Verma is the 2016 recipient of the Charles Mickle Fellowship for excellence in medical education from the University of Toronto. In 2021, Dr. Verma was named one of the most powerful physicians in Canada.

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