Co-design & Consulting

HSO offers the full range of co-design and consulting services for governments, funding institutions, insurers, health systems and professional bodies wishing to improve or assure the quality of health services.

HSO uses a unique methodology referred to as Business Design in which we work with you in the co-creation of products and services to support your individual needs. In some cases, this may involve adapting HSO’s current products and services or working with you to create new customized solutions.


HSO meets your needs by developing or customizing solutions based on existing ones, in any one or combination of the following areas:

Standards development:

HSO develops standards through a rigorous process in which the voices of patients, community members, families and health service providers, clinicians and policy-makers are heard. You will be a part of the co-design process, being consulted throughout the standard development process and invited to weigh in on needs, gaps, and criteria.

Assessment methodologies:

HSO develops and publishes a range of assessment methodologies to meet different needs and operating costs, such as attestation, onsite and offsite reviews, third-party, peers and first party reviews, as well as in various service settings. We also offer a range of programs to evaluate and improve performance against a defined set of standards, including Accreditation, Recognition and Certification. We will work in collaboration with you in the co-creation of an assessment program applying one of our existing program frameworks, or design a new one tailored specifically to your needs.

Automation Software:

HSO offers adaptable software solutions to manage volume, reduce errors, enhance user experience and reduce costs of your assessment programs replacing inefficient substitutes such as paper assessments, excel spreadsheets and piece-meal software. Our customizable software allows you to manage all aspects of your organization’s assessment program with features for administrators, client organizations and surveyors, which can also be integrated with other internal applications such as CRMs.

Activation Services:

HSO’s will work with you to providing coaching and support to build capacity to implement and sustain your new assessment program as well as develop training resources and tools for clients.

Let’s work together

Our dedicated team would be pleased to meet with you to assess your needs and discuss how we can best work together to provide a tailored solution for you.

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