Frequently Asked Questions

Will accreditation and assessment services still be offered?

Yes. All accreditation and assessment services offered by Accreditation Canada and Accreditation Canada International will continue to operate as they do currently, however under one name: Accreditation Canada.

What does HSO mean for clients and potential clients moving forward?

Our quality of service will not change. Our well-known accreditation and assessment programs will still be offered under Accreditation Canada, while the development of global standards will be housed under HSO. By separating standards development from assessment programs, HSO is committed to increased rigour, greater relevance and better results for our products and services.

How do I access HSO standards and accreditation services/products?

For a short period of time as we complete the transition into separate accreditation and standards organizations, there will be two e-stores: the Accreditation Canada E-Store and the HSO E-Store. The Accreditation Canada E-Store will contain all Canadian standards and products, while the HSO E-Store will contain all internationally-focused standards and products. In the future, the HSO E-Store will contain all standards-related material and the Accreditation Canada E-store will contain only accreditation-related material. We appreciate your patience as we make this transition!

How do I get involved?

People are at the foundation of every one of our health standards. Are you a health care provider, community organization, policy maker or member of the public and want to be a part of real change? We want to hear from you!

I have more questions. How do I get in touch?

If you are a current client of Accreditation Canada, please reach out to your representative for more information. All other inquiries can be sent to us through the form on our Contact Page.