Frequently Asked Questions: the Improving Integrated Care for Youth Initiative (IICY)


1. What is the purpose of the Improving Integrated for Youth Initiative? 

IICY is a three-year pan-Canadian program, funded by Health Canada’s Health Care Policy Contribution Program and Frayme, that builds HSO standards and implementation tools aimed at improving the integration of youth mental health and addiction services. We are building these tools with youth, families, providers, community members and policy makers and testing these tools in real-life settings to learn how they drive and sustain change. 

IICY Initiative Aim: To drive sustainable improvements and better outcomes in the integration of community-based mental health and addiction services for youth through the co-design, testing and adoption of evidence-based HSO standards and implementation tools that promote integrated care best practices. 


2. What is the IICY Learning Collaborative? 

We have launched a Call for Applications to participate in the IICY learning Collaborative. This Call for Applications invites applications from integrated youth services networks across Canada to participate in the virtual, pan-Canadian IICY Learning Collaborative.   

Selected integrated youth services networks will participate in a series of activities from December 2020 to March 2022 to build and test HSO Standards and implementation tools aimed at driving improvements in the design, delivery and evaluation of people-centred and integrated care pathways for youth mental health and addiction services.   


3. What are integrated youth services (IYS)? 

The IICY Learning Collaborative does not specify the use of one IYS model over another; instead, it allows for flexibility in the design and implementation of an IYS model that is fitted to local context and need. However, IYS is grounded in key principles for every delivery model by different jurisdictions and communities. The following are core IYS principles that underpin integrated, people-centred youth mental health and addiction services: 

  • rapid, easy and affordable access; 
  • youth specific care; 
  • awareness, engagement and integration; 
  • early intervention; 
  • youth partnership; 
  • family engagement and support; 
  • continuous improvement; and 
  • prevention. 

Many of the integrated youth mental health and addiction initiatives in Canada and internationally use these core IYS principles to build models that integrate the following services: 

  • Mental health and addiction services, including psychological services and counselling; substance use services; 
  • Primary care, 
  • Youth and family peer support; 
  • Employment, education & training supports; 
  • Social services, including housing; and 
  • A variety of recovery programs such as recreation, the arts, life skills etc. 

You can learn more about integrated youth services here. 


4. Who is eligible to apply to be part of the IICY Learning Collaborative? 

The Call for Applications is targeted at provincial backbone organizations or community leads (e.g. local lead agency, network lead or community organization leading local integration) in Canada who currently coordinate the design, operations, and delivery of integrated youth services to a local community or to local communities within their jurisdiction.   

  • The provincial backbone organization will convene 1 – 3 communities who are working to deploy, or do deploy, their local IYS model. Together, the backbone organization and the convened communities will collectively form the integrated youth services network for the IICY Learning Collaborative.   
  • The community lead will convene the organizations within the identified IYS community network who will collectively form the integrated youth services network for the IICY Learning Collaborative.   

The provincial backbone or community lead will submit the joint application, on behalf of the integrated youth services network for the IICY Learning Collaborative, along with the Executive Sponsor signatures from each organization participating in the network. The provincial backbone organization or community lead will facilitate the activities that are a part of the IICY Learning collaborative to the integrated youth services network.   


5. How much funding is available through the IICY Learning Collaborative?  

Each provincial backbone organization or community lead will receive $90,000 in seed funding to support their participation in the activities of the IICY Learning Collaborative. Suggested expenses for seed funding for the integrated youth services network include:   

  • Personnel, including salaries, wages and benefits of employees;   
  • Professional services, i.e. contractual personnel  
  • Youth and family honorariums;   
  • Travel and accommodation;  
  • Materials and supplies, including office supplies, audio visual materials, etc. 


6. When will funding be awarded? 

Applications to participate in the IICY Learning Collaborative will be accepted until Friday, October 23rd at 4:00pm EST.  Health Standards Organization will be convening a Review Committee to review each application.  Selected applications will be announced before the end of November 2020. An Agreement must be signed by the selected participant which outlines specific Terms and Conditions for participating in the IICY Learning Collaborative.  Once this is signed, the $90,000 will be awarded.  


7. Who will be reviewing applications? 

Applications will be initially reviewed for eligibility and alignment with the call for applications by Health Standards Organization. Following that, applications will be evaluated by a Review Committee comprised of youth experts, family experts, and service experts that represent diverse experience and expertise.   


8. What criteria will be used to review applications? 

Health Standards Organization and the Review Committee will evaluate all eligible applications using the following criteria:  

  • Demonstrated youth and family engagement; 
  • Demonstrated engagement approach that is honors diversity, inclusion and cultural safety; 
  • Diversity of integrated youth services network partners, expertise and lived experience; 
  • Demonstrated capacity and ability to manage participation in the virtual learning collaborative (i.e. strategic alignment, leadership, governance and partnerships) 

Health Standards Organization is responsible for determining the eligibility of each applicant and select the successful applicants to participate in the IICY Learning Collaborative. A maximum of six (6) applicants will be selected. 


9. What are the Terms and Conditions for participating in the IICY Learning Collaborative? 

To receive the $90,000 and participate in the IICY Learning Collaborative, each selected integrated youth services network (all organizations within the network) must sign a joint contract agreement with specific Terms and Conditions.  Access the Terms and Conditions.


10. I have more questions about this opportunity: 

If you have more questions that are not answered in this F.A.Q. or the Guide for Applicants, please email 


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