Dr. Bernard Leduc, Board Chair of HSO & AC, gathered with health system leaders in Belgium this month to discuss patient safety priorities during a series of events. Topics ranged from Assisted Reproductive Technologies to long-term care. Clients shared their patient quality objectives and learned how HSO’s Health Care Standards and the Qmentum accreditation program will enable safer and more effective continuous quality improvement and patient care.

Belgian Long Term Care leaders welcomed a presentation by Dr. Leduc, who was accompanied by Accreditation Canada (AC) Health Care Advisor Marie Eeman, an international team member in Belgium dedicated to offering onsite, local support. Key highlights included the development of new Standards for Long-Term Care in Canada – applicable to the international context – in a session co-organized with The Platform for Continuous Improvement of Quality of Care and Patient Safety (PAQS).

Dr. Leduc also moderated La procréation médicalement assistée (Medically Assisted Procreation), a hybrid online and in-person event with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) experts, Dr. Anne Delbaere (Hôpital Erasme) and Professor Fethi Zihoua (La Rose Clinic in Tunisia). The session was attended by 128 health care leaders from Belgium and Tunisia. Dr. Leduc also joined in a discussion with Michel Dupuis, professor, philosopher and former President of the Consultative Committee of Bioethics of Belgium, about the ethical and risk management issues and clinical approaches raised by Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Health care leaders and partners of Accreditation Canada met with Dr. Leduc and shared their feedback about the Qmentum accreditation program. These conversations are important because they help Accreditation Canada to continuously improve the client experience with Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum accreditation, a program trusted by over 12,000 locations in more than 35 countries.

Your organization can become part of our accreditation and receive the recognition it deserves by reducing risk and improve outcomes, we invite you to learn more about the program here.