OTTAWA – Health Standards Organization (HSO) is pleased to welcome six new members to its Board of Directors. The new members bring diversity, years of expertise, experience and a wealth of knowledge from various sectors including health care, mental health, innovation, digital marketing and finance, among others.

Joining the HSO Board of Directors this fall is Dr. Roseann Runte, President and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation. Dr. Runte has headed several universities and colleges across North America and has served on many boards including LifeNet and the Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority. Among her many positions, Dr. Runte was an associate to the Council of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Sarita Verma is the Dean, President and CEO of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. She also serves on the boards of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center, the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada and the Health Sciences Network Research Institute.

Also joining HSO is Ekua Asabea Blair, CEO of the Massey Centre for Women, a client-centred infant and early childhood mental health organization that provides support for pregnant and parenting adolescents and their children. Debra Armstrong is the CEO of Skate Canada. A trained lawyer, Armstrong was also a Senior Vice-President at TD Bank prior to her current role. Over the course of her career, Armstrong has developed considerable experience in business transformations.

Corby Fine brings years of marketing excellence to HSO, having developed strategic growth opportunities for various organizations as well as optimized digital sales and service experiences. Fine’s skills extend into digital product development, digital marketing, marketing automation and innovation, among other sectors. As the CEO of Emaar Industries and Investments (EII), Waleed Dhaduk brings his financial experience to HSO, having led EII’s overall strategy and managed its investment portfolio. Dhaduk has 19 years of professional experience in private equity, strategy consulting and investment.

We wish to thank George Weber for his distinguished years of service and leadership over the past nine years and for his stewardship as Chair of the Board for the past seven years as his term comes to a close. We would like to congratulate seasoned HSO board Vice-Chair Dr. Bernard Leduc on his nomination to Board Chair.

You can learn more about HSO’s Board of Directors here.


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