Health Standards Organization (HSO) and its affiliates, Accreditation Canada (AC) and Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH), showed their commitment to ongoing quality improvement in 2022 with accreditations of its standards and programs.

In December, the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (ISQua EEA) renewed AC’s designation as an Accredited External Evaluation Organization. It also received an accreditation for its Surveyor Training Program. AC scored a combined 100% on 110 criteria, with no recommendations for changes.

ISQua EEA accreditations recognize organizations that promote quality and safety in health care through cooperation and collaboration. AC is proud to have these accreditations as collaboration is at the heart of all its work, enshrined as one of HSO’s five corporate values.

ISQua EEA noted AC’s “exceptional performance” in several areas. AC received commendations for its board statement on corporate and environmental sustainability; governance structure and commitment to achieve diversity, inclusivity and gender parity; its complaints process; and innovation in using patient surveyors.

HSO maintained its accreditation from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) with a surveillance audit in June.

HSO initially received accreditation from the SCC in 2017. To maintain accreditation status as a Standards Development Organization (SDO), SCC evaluates HSO annually.

In this operational review, SCC assessors measured standard operating procedures for standards development against their requirements and guidance. HSO passed with flying colours, with one commendation and no nonconformities found. The SCC assessment noted that staff are very knowledgeable and the organization takes “…a proactive approach to ensure in improvement throughout the standard development process.”

Maintaining our SDO status enables HSO to be one of a few organizations in Canada permitted to develop National Standards of Canada (NSC), such as the recently released National Long-Term Care Services Standard.

Last spring, IQMH renewed accreditation for its Proficiency Testing (PT) programs with the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). The association has accredited IQMH since 2010.

A2LA reviewed IQMH’s quality management system, and operational and technical requirements, including policies, processes and procedures. The assessment noted IQMH staff’s commitment and dedication to Proficiency Testing and that they work with love and compassion for their programs and clients.

HSO, AC and IQMH value external evaluations of their processes and programs. It means partners and clients in Canada and around the world can count on the quality of their work. It is integral to HSO’s work that it and all affiliates are formally recognized as upholding the highest standards in our field.

HSO welcomes opportunities to improve the quality of our work. To further test and improve performance this year, ISQua EEA will audit AC’s health and social care standards, and SCC will do its triannual complete re-assessment of HSO.

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