Why did this show happen?

This live broadcast show was created to address the problem that in times of transformation in health care, often the people who understand their issues the most are left out of the conversation.

When those with lived experience expertise authentically partner with providers, policy makers and researchers, safer and more inclusive care can happen. Four leaders, who not only know this but practice it, wanted to share their experience in the hopes of inspiring others along their patient engagement journey.

Who was involved?

Three patient leaders and one CEO joined forces to represent the perspectives of an organization, a health system, a policymaker and an executive on patient engagement:

Over the hour-long live show, viewers learned:

• First-hand tips to create patient partnerships for meaningful change
• What has worked and what hasn’t from patient and family advisors on their journey to partnering with health and policy-maker organizations
• Examples of effective partnerships that empower patients to bring real value to the table

Highlights from the show included:

• 00:05:58 – The four leaders debunked their favourite “myths of partnering with patients” from Dr. Robin McGee’s Cancer Knowledge Network blog post
• 00:11:03 – Heather spoke about the timing of when to involve patients and how to prepare them so that they can fully participate
• What “must” is needed to make effective patient partnership happen
• 00:24:05 – Leslee’s defining moment where the value of patient engagement really “clicked” when she heard from patients who were afraid to come to the hospital
• 00:32:45 – Julie shared how patients can be brought into initiatives via a partnership model

What viewers said about the show

A total of 81 respondents shared feedback about the show. Thank you sincerely for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas, which we are incorporating into our content creation moving forward.
Some highlights you shared included:
• 70/81 respondents rated the show 4/5 or 5/5 (remaining respondents had technical issues)
• “I like that it was led by the patient lead. I liked that all participants spoke from the heart. I liked that I got some tips on things that we could do straight away as well as some longer term goals.”
• “I loved the variety of voices, different ages, different stories, different parts of Canada!”
• “I really liked how they addressed the myths and how to break them, and I feel like I’d be better able to defend myself if any of those myths arose.”

What’s next

This show was an amazing experience to create and we were overwhelmed by the positive response. We are currently looking to produce another “episode” with the same relaxed conversational format. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay tuned!

Let’s Get Real: Patients Must be Partners

WATCH THE RECORDING (Original live webcast was on October 10, 2019)