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Global Program Partners

People Powered Health™ involves working with others to make great things happen together. HSO brings together national accreditation programs from around the world to learn from one another as they put HSO standards and assessment programs to work.

Shared Leadership, Shared Learning

HSO Global Program Partners have the influence, authority, or regulatory power to implement health service standards and/or assessment programs at a national level. Global Program Partners license HSO products and services for use in their own jurisdictions. Each partner shares a passion for global learning, and for achieving quality health services for all.

Founding Members & Accredited Institutions

Click on any of our partners’ logos to see a full list of accredited institutions in their jurisdiction:

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If you’re thinking about creating a health care assessment system in your country or region, becoming a Global Program Partner may be right for you. You’ll have exclusive access to the best evidence, the best experts and the best practices to guide your journey.

  • Adopting an established, reputable program enables you to quickly establish a new assessment model or improve on your existing program
  • Licensing program components allows you to affordably maintain your own program and lets you direct your resources and efforts on program delivery
  • Frequent updates and support enhance program reliability and provide access to the latest and most innovative tools that are leading the international standards in health care quality
  • As a Global Program Partner you will have an opportunity to sit on the Qmentum Program Council, co-design future program enhancements and help set the global standard for health and care.

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Global Program Partners are changing the world. For more information or to join the movement, contact us today.

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