HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems

Frequently Asked Questions


Important note: HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centered Health Systems is a standalone standard, which means it is NOT part of the Qmentum Accreditation or Distinction Programs. If, in the future, this standard or other components are introduced to programs you are a part of, you will receive ample notice and direction. 

1. What are Integrated People-Centred Health Systems? 

Integrated People-Centred Health Systems are integrated health and social services that are planned, managed and delivered across providers and settings so people and populations receive a coordinated continuum of care over their lifetime. This may include wellness promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, disease-management, rehabilitation, palliative and end-of life care, housing, education, and welfare services, all according to a person’s needs. People are engaged in decision-making and meaningfully included in planning, designing, evaluating and improving health and social services. 

2. How was HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems (IPCHS) standard developed? 

The IPCHS Standard was co-designed with a Technical Committee with equal representation of patients, caregivers, policy makers, health and social service providers, researchers, and leaders in integrated health and social services. Their role was to determine the IPCHS standard content based on evidence as well as national and international best practices. Technical Committee membership will be included in the IPCHS Standard. 

3. What makes HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems standard different from other HSO standards? 

Both the intended audience and assessment type are unique. The IPCHstandard is designed for use at the macro (policy) and meso (operational) levels. Rather than applying to single organizations, the IPCHS standard is intended to be used by all health and social service stakeholders, at the macro and meso levels, who have a critical role in achieving integrated care for people and communities within their jurisdictionsHSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems is not a part of the Qmentum or Distinction Programs. 

4. When will the final version of HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems Standard be published? 

The draft IPCHS standard underwent an initial public review and targeted consultation in October of 2018. During that time, HSO received a large amount of feedback, which was considered by the technical committee through a series of collaborative meetings and discussions. During the incorporation of the feedback, significant changes were made to the standard in order to accurately address the feedback received and allow for improved operationalization within health systems. The revisions to the standard have extended the initial timeline and the final version of the IPCHstandard is expected to be published in 2020. 

5. Where can I find more information?

For more information, please contact HSO at publications@healthstandards.org 

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