HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems

What does this mean for me?


Important note: HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centered Health Systems is a standalone standard, which means it is NOT part of the Qmentum Accreditation or Distinction Programs. If, in the future, this standard or other components are introduced to programs you are a part of, you will receive ample notice and direction.

I am a person and/or care for a person who uses health and/or social services. What does HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems standard mean to me? 

HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems standard will guide health and social systems to cultivate a culture that is truly committed to people-centred care meaning patients and families will: 

  • Have improved experience with care and services 
  • Have improved access to timely care and services 
  • Be engaged in shared decision-making with providers, as equal partners in care 
  • Experience better coordination of care and services across different health and social service settings throughout the life cycle 
  • Receive care and services that meet needs based on personal circumstances (e.g., food security, housing stability and diversity factors) 
  • Be supported to self-manage care and control long-term health conditions 

I am a health and/or social service provider organization such as a health authority, health system, primary health care centre, home care agency, long-term care organization, or community health service, which includes health and social service providers like registered nurses, physicians, pharmacists, social workers or peer support workers. What does HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems standard mean to me? 

HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems standard will guide health and social service provider organizations to deliver integrated care based on the health and well-being needs and outcomes of target populations. The standard aims to provide guidance about the design and implementation of integrated care and services. Provider organizations that can provide accessible, comprehensive and coordinated care and services to people and communities create benefits to patients, families and providers by: 

  • Assisting in identifying target and/or priority populations and designing programs and services that meet local needs 
  • Identifying and addressing priority areas and support for high-need populations by enabling a shift in the balance of care and services so resources are allocated to meet needs. 
  • Engaging people and communities as equal partners in their care 
  • Ensuring patients and families are confident that their care and services are safe and of the highest quality by promoting a shared culture of people-centred care 
  • Assisting care and service providers in ensuring accessible, comprehensive and coordinated services across the care and service continuum
  • Assisting in developing more efficient ways of working, enabling teams to work collaboratively to their full scope of practice 
  • Enhancing knowledge and skills for providing integrated people-centred health and social services by enabling education and training opportunities 
  • Ensuring the provision of team-based care and services by incentivizing collaboration among providers 

I work within a health or social jurisdiction as a policy-maker (e.g., government, regulator, administration, and health and social service ministryWhat does HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems Standard mean to me? 

HSO:76000 Integrated People-Centred Health Systems standard provides a foundation for jurisdictions to begin the journey towards an integrated health and social services system to achieve better population health, improved health care experiences for patients, families and providers, and improved costs of care by supporting: 

  • Coordinated and comprehensive identification of the needs of the communities served 
  • Working in partnership with other jurisdictions or systems to address those needs 
  • Increased value for health care and services costs 
  • A culture of safety, collaboration, health promotion and quality health services for all 
  • The necessary environment to achieve goals of providing people-centred, accessible, comprehensive, and coordinated care and services 
  • The investment and management of resources to improve integration across the system (infrastructure, time, finances, staff etc.) 

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