HSO 76000: Integrated People-Centred Systems (IPCS) Standard

About the standard

Health Standards Organization (HSO) is co-designing the world’s first evidence-based standard on integrated people-centred care. We are bringing people with lived experience and expertise together to co-design and produce this standard that will support your system integration needs.

Developed in response to the growing enthusiasm for health and social services system integration, HSO 76000: Integrated People-Centred Systems Services (IPCS) standard uses best practices to address current gaps in the delivery of health and social services at both the local and international level.

The standard includes evidence-based and co-designed criteria and guidelines for jurisdictions to use when planning and designing integrated health and social service systems. The standard aims to assist service planners and decision-makers in implementing health and social service integration within their systems to improve the quality and safety of care.

HSO 76000: Integrated People-Centred Systems will guide your health and social system’s integrated care journey and move towards achieving safer care and system goals to meet demands for better population health, improved health care experiences, engagement for clients and providers, and improved costs of care.

HSO 76000: Integrated People-Centred Systems standard is not a part of the Qmentum or Distinction Programs.

Target audience

The standard is system-level in its scope and intends to target Canadian and international government administrations, health and social service ministries, and/or authorities that have identified integration focused on health and well-being as a priority.

Development process

Under the guidance of a Technical Committee comprised of experts working in integrated health and social care services in Canada and internationally, as well as those who have experience accessing and using these services (including patients and families, service providers, policy makers and subject matter experts), HSO 76000: Integrated People-Centred Systems standard has been developed using the best available evidence, international best practices and case studies of integrated health and social services systems.

Public Review: We Heard Your Voice!

The public review period was held from October 1st, 2018 – December 31st, 2018 and a considerable amount of input was received! The Technical Committee is reviewing each comment and aims to publish the final version of HSO 76000: Integrated People-Centred Systems by Fall 2019.

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