In 2010, Holland Bloorview implemented the Spotlight Award Program, a recognition program designed to: build a Culture of Recognition at Holland Bloorview, demonstrate Holland Bloorview’s commitment to recognizing staff contributions, motivate staff to succeed, encourage and reinforce the values that have led to Holland Bloorview’s success. The program provides staff with an opportunity to recognize a peer, manager or direct report for demonstrating behaviours that exemplify Holland Bloorview’s values. There is an automated generation of recognition (Spotlight Award) and distribution to the recipient and their manager via email. Factors that influenced development of Holland Bloorview’s Spotlight Award Program. • The hospital’s 2007 and 2009 employee satisfaction survey identified recognition as an opportunity for Holland Bloorview • The program was seen to align with the development and timing of the roll-out of Holland Bloorview’s Values and related behavior statements • It was identified as an ideal initiative to support the implementation of the hospital’s first employee intranet • Introduction of Bill 16 –resulted in the need to recognize employees through methods other than financial remuneration The program is based on best practice and Holland Bloorview’s values. It is part of the hospitals wellness and/or personal development activities and can be used to build up points to earn a day off. Although the concept of recognizing staff is a well-documented practice, the process, aspects and tools utilized by Holland Bloorview to develop and implement the program is novel and demonstrates significant creativity. Process: • Led by a large cross-functional committee • Included research on concepts, principles, and mechanics of informal recognition as well as a review of leading practices in private and public sector • Engaged staff in development and validation through focus groups. Since the launch, the program has seen increase momentum in participation, and a significant improvement in employees’ perceptions around recognition at Holland Bloorview. In April 2012, the program expanded. Clients/families can recognize Holland Bloorview’s staff and volunteers through Spotlight Awards.

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