In preparation for Accreditation 2016, the Service Excellence Team (SET) for Rehabilitation, Acquired Brain Injury, and Spinal Cord Injury in the Edmonton Zone wanted to further engage staff in learning more about the standards and ROPs. Traditionally, information and education is shared with staff through written or verbal presentation, however, we wanted to create an interactive learning environment to provide the opportunity for staff to be further engaged and allow for improved knowledge intake and retention.  This approach also supported enhanced participation by patients and family members.

The 1 day Boot Camp was held in the gymnasium at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, as the site is being surveyed for all 3 services. The Boot Camp featured 11 areas of focus including 7 ROPs, Patient and Family Centered Care, Hand Hygiene, Change Day AB (a provincial improvement initiative), and Mock Tracers. Each feature booth was manned by a subject matter expert, such as a clinical nurse educator, a patient & family advisor, or a quality consultant, who could answers questions, provide demonstrations, or share examples specific to the participants needs. Front line staff also volunteered to support the Boot Camp, further promoting the event across the site. Patient and Family Advisors were involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Boot Camp and with their support; activities were developed through the lens of the patient experience.

Over 250 participants, including patients, families, physicians, staff, and foundation staff, attended from 8 different sites across the Edmonton Zone.

Each participant received a Passport to guide their visit and the flexibility of the Boot Camp allowed the participants to customize their learning.

A formal evaluation was conducted with 119 completed evaluations received. Overall, the evaluations were very positive with many comments on how the participants enjoyed the interactive learning and the expert knowledge of the staff.

The evaluation and verbal feedback received after the Boot Camp reinforced that we achieved our intended results. The attendance of the Boot Camp surpassed our initial estimations and the feedback from staff was that they enjoyed this interactive method of learning. Staff also felt that they received information relevant to their work areas and felt better prepared for the survey visit. There was an amazing level of engagement associated with this event, with participants encouraging their team members to participate.  This engagement and excitement was the foundation for many safety and quality discussions in the days/weeks following the event.

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Title: Site Director, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

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