Artichoke Rounds is an innovative and creative initiative developed at Southlake Regional Health Centre. It was envisioned as a mechanism to shift culture towards a culture of caring as an organization that learns from error. Artichoke Rounds is a conduit to maximize learning in all aspects of quality across our organization from adverse events or near misses that have occurred. It is critical to mitigate risk by learning from these situations in order to reduce the likelihood for these errors to reoccur.  Sharing the learnings from errors provides an opportunity to other teams from across the organization to reflect on their own systems and to be proactive in strengthening identified gaps.
The title of Artichoke Rounds is catchy and creative. We have found that it evokes curiosity. Artichoke Rounds are intended to peel back the layers to get to the heart of interprofessional matters.  Themes are discussed related to a learning organization and experiences are shared through a story by a frontline team member. These stories create connections through compassion for the person who has been part of the error. Literature has shown that this type of peer support is needed for individual healing to occur. Studies also show the impact of errors is dramatic on staff, their families and teams. It can often lead to post traumatic effects which result in individuals becoming disengaged or leaving their profession. Artichoke Rounds allow Southlake to demonstrate their commitment to improvement, a culture of caring and avoiding the “name, blame, shame” approach to error.

The Rounds support Southlake Regional Health Centres's Fifth Value which is entitled “Speak Up!” They are intended to help us get to the “heart” of the matter.  Talking about issues and related situations helps us all learn. Artichoke Rounds are an opportunity to promote quality and safety. They are about improvement and learning – not about naming, blaming or shaming.

When experiences of patient care errors are shared, we can all learn. Discussing gaps gives teams the emotional support and compassion that is often needed, but often over looked. When teams share their learning, and the improvements they’ve made, we may shed light on possible gaps occurring in other hospital areas – we can all learn from improvements!  Some of the topics at Artichoke Rounds are uncomfortable for some to hear or speak about, but it is imperative that we take the opportunity to learn from them. It gives us all an opportunity to Speak Up for safety.
Individuals who have participated in Artichoke Rounds feel that they are helping individuals and teams heal and individuals who are indirectly touched by the Artichoke Rounds have voiced relief that culture is changing based on incidents they were once involved in. This sharing and healing is often something that is not given much attention to in the medical foray.

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