In Canada, suicide is the second leading cause of death among persons between the ages of 10-24. Documentation of suicide risk assessment is complex and requires identification of risk factors combined with a clinical knowledge of the client, and must include documentation of the clinical decision-making process. The ASARI documentation tool is the first of its kind and provides a mechanism to document all actions related to suicide assessment and management in a systematic way. Its creative design, using colour coding and succinct and comprehensive guidance, is invaluable to practitioners and to patient safety. To have impact, the structured documentation has been to build on existing practices. The ability to identify, document, and communicate suicide risk across health care providers in a rapid and efficient manner translates to decreased patient risk, improved assessment, and improved risk management practices. The ASARI documentation tool has been designed and licensed for free use for any clinical application. The development of an ASARI website is in progress to ensure further dissemination of this tool, training on suicide risk assessment, and updates on statistics for suicide.

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