Niagara Health


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At Niagara Health, we have invested in resources and staff to foster a mutually respectful workplace. In every corner of the organization we are promoting a culture of civility and respect. At the heart of our respectful workplace strategy is our Be Kind campaign that launched in January 2017. Our patients, physicians, staff, visitors and volunteers expect and deserve a respectful, safe, caring, and inclusive environment. In the publication, Intelligent Kindness: Reforming the Culture of Healthcare (2011), John Ballatt and Penelope Campling note, “when staff are more attentively kind, more trust is generated, outcomes are improved for patients, satisfaction increases for both staff and patients, and there are improved conditions for kindness.” The idea that ‘kindness begets more kindness’ is a key to our strategy. Our message is continuously communicated throughout the organization at all levels and in all departments. We want to support staff to influence each other, patients and visitors to treat everyone with respect in all situations. The workplace relations strategy has resulted in resounding success throughout the organization leading to increased overall staff engagement, increased participation at organizational events, and a reduction in code of conduct violations and violent incidents.

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