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Keeping everyone safe in our hospitals is a priority.
The Behaviour Safety Risk (BSR) Communication and Care Plan Program is one of the measures Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) has put in place to ensure we’re providing a safe and respectful environment while fostering a culture of safety. It has been implemented across HHS to identify and communicate potential behaviour safety risks and the plan of care to staff, physicians, learners and volunteers.
The BSR program ensures that the assessment, coordination and development of effective communication and care plans for patients with behaviour risks are being done in a consistent way with supportive transitions between teams as patients progress in their clinical journey. The BSR program is grounded on ensuring that the following steps are triggered, the elements of which can be remembered using the SAFE CARE acronym:

S – Screen patients for behaviour risks
A – Assess risk
F – Focus on behaviours and calming actions
E – Engage care team to create care plan
C – Communicate risk
A – Ask for help when needed
R – Review plan with patient and family
E – Evaluate at regular intervals

Providing high quality care to our patients and keeping our staff, physicians, learners and volunteers safe is a priority at Hamilton Health Sciences.

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