• Estimated Population of Canada in 2020: = 37.7 Million
  • Schizophrenia affects 1% of Canadian population (~377,000)
  • 1 in 3 Patients (~124,000) are Treatment Resistant (TRS)

Major treatment challenges is Clozapine therapy initiation (schizophrenia diagnosis + 2 failed antipsychotic trails) antipsychotic and maintenance (high drop out rates). Patients on Clozapine have to commit to an elaborate blood monitoring protocol. (at least 39 Venipunctures in first year of treatment on Clozapine (WBC/ NEUT). Minimum 12 tests per year thereafter. Periodic testing (2-3X / year) for Whole Profile and Metabolic Monitoring (6 mos.)) This can be a major barrier to Clozapine therapy initiation. Studies have shown 40% of patients drop out within 1 year of starting, 27% in first 3 months, 33% by end of 6 months and 36% by end of 9 months. Lab monitoring is further compounded with travel costs to labs, 1-2 week turn around for results further attributing to drop out rates.
Our leading practice with point of care testing brings about an enhanced standard in hematological monitoring. Results are available to healthcare team within minutes. This improved monitoring is key to safer and effective use of Clozapine. Adding POC technology expands testing access reduces travel time and creates a one stop shop customer centric approach. Expanded access = Better patient adherence (Drug, Testing). Offering an alternative to venipuncture will reduce patient anxiety. Point of Care is not just an alternative testing modality, it is a more Patient-Centric approach to care.

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