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The Maternal Newborn and Childcare Program (MNCC) are in the initial stages of working toward Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) designation. There is a disconnect between our patients desire to exclusively breastfeed on admission (95%) and the rate of exclusive breastfeeding at discharge from the hospital (70%). Exclusive breastfeeding at discharge has a direct correlation to families reaching their goal of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of an infant’s life as recommended by WHO/UNICEF and the Canadian Paediatric Society (2011). With the introduction of prenatal breastfeeding classes and a breastfeeding app we hope to see sustained increase in exclusive breastfeeding at discharge.

Background to the Issue
Rates of formula supplementation from birth to discharge in term infants whose mothers intended to exclusive breastfeed exceeded rates of mothers who breastfed exclusively at discharge.

Motivation for Innovation
Increase exclusive breastfeeding rates on discharge to meet our hospital and provincial standards.

Implementation and Evaluation
At The Scarborough Hospital we have access to breastfeeding data through BORN. Our Lactation Consultant actively reviews the data and this data gets posted and communicated monthly at the unit level on our Huddle board.
Patients and their partners are encouraged to attend a pre-natal breastfeeding class facilitated by The Scarborough Hospital Lactation Consultant. This class was initiated January 2016. Educational content discussed assists expectant parents in preparing for breastfeeding.

In collaboration with Centennial College in Toronto, “BestFeeding” was created May 2016 as a downloadable app for a mobile phone or tablet to allow breastfeeding moms to: log feeds and pumping sessions and excretion. Information on latching, positioning and successful breastfeeding is provided. Parents and families can also access relevant information on caring for themselves post-delivery and users can also navigate to interactive links on caring for themselves and their babies post-delivery.

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