The Breech Clinic offers integrated care for expecting parents of babies with breech presentation at term. In 2020, breech presentation at term represents 3 to 5% of pregnancies in Brussels and Wallonia, resulting in up to 96% of deliveries by caesarean for this reason alone (CEPIP 2020).

A care pathway was created to accompany future parents in their decision-making, with detailed and clear information. Local guidelines were also written up (following international recommendations):

– An external cephalic version is proposed. The process, advantages and risks are discussed with the patient/couple. A meeting is held according to the couple’s wishes.

– The different modes of delivery possible for a baby with breech presentation are discussed. It may happen after a version that has not worked, or before if the future parent/couple refuse the external cephalic version outright. We then discuss the advantages and risks of each mode of delivery (vaginal or Caesarian), schedule follow-up meeting and arrange for possible support.

– A number of other meetings can be scheduled depending on the couple’s needs, for example, specific preparations for the birth with a dedicated midwife, or other medical follow-up meetings or information.

-Dedicated and expert on-call staff are available every day for optimal care on the day of delivery.

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