Central Health has streamlined the process of survey administration throughout the organization by creating an approval process through the Corporate Improvement Department to oversee and coordinate survey efforts. An enterprise Fluid Surveys account has been secured to support administration of electronic surveys and a privacy impact assessment completed surrounding organizational use of the survey software program.

Once a survey is administered, a results-viewer page is created and shared with the QI team and/or program leadership. This allows them to monitor survey uptake while providing real-time access to results.  Teams can view their results from a computer, tablet, or phone and the survey results can be downloaded to bring to meetings and shared with others.  Teams can also receive scheduled e-mail reports on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

By utilizing the advanced features of the software, the Corporate Improvement Department has eliminated the need to develop and distribute summary reports to teams, thus creating capacity to work with more teams to capture client experience. It has also eliminated the need for teams to wait on survey results before improvement efforts can begin.

Throughout the entire survey process, teams are provided coaching and mentoring support on designing effective surveys, creating administration plans, maximizing response rates, analyzing and interpreting results, and leading quality improvement efforts. Not only does this build knowledge and skill set of staff, but increases the likelihood that survey results will be used to improve the quality of programs and services throughout the region.

Recently, a Person- and Family-Centered Care Steering Committee was established to lead and support the spread of person centered care throughout the region. Linkages between our survey administration process and the mandate of the committee have been established and “client experience surveys” have been added as a standing agenda item to continue our discussions on how to capture and utilize client experience information throughout the organization.  By working together, we will be able to promote the use of client experience surveys while creating a culture that views patients and families as partners in the planning, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services.

The vision is that every program and service will have access to client experience information in real-time and use that information to achieve healthcare excellence.

Overall, the new survey process is effective in supporting staff with surveying efforts and the Corporate Improvement Department is currently developing additional resources to enable staff to link survey results to quality improvement.

Contact Information:

Title: Manager, Regional Quality Improvement Coordinator

Contact information:  ross.rowsell@centralhealth.nl.ca

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