Immunization is one of the most effective interventions to reduce mortality and morbidity and serves as a cornerstone of public health practice. A key component to the success of immunization programs is ensuring uptake of vaccines and effective vaccination tracking programs. There has been considerable investment in the development of immunization information systems (IIS) across Canada. Unfortunately, these have encountered challenges which result in difficulty estimating immunization coverage rates and increasing reliance on the individual to keep track of their vaccinations.

CANImmunize is Canada’s national consumer-facing digital immunization record. Available on iOS and Android devices, and on the web, the platform empowers individuals to manage their family’s immunization records. CANImmunize provides reminders when vaccinations are due, based on the vaccination schedule in the Province or Territory of residence. The platform also contains accurate information from leading Canadian health organizations, and securely stores this data making it accessible across multiple devices.

In Ottawa and Kingston, parents can report their children’s immunization status to the local public health unit for daycare and school entry. The CANImmunize team is currently working with the Ontario government to integrate CANImmunize with the provincial Digital Health Immunization Repository (DHIR) to allow CANImmunize users to download and add to their official immunization record.

CANImmunize will help the public track, learn about, and be reminded about vaccinations – thereby increasing immunization rates. Our application will also support provincial/territorial immunization information systems by permitting individuals to contribute to their own immunization records and connect with these repositories.

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