A checklist was developed, utilizing the airline construct, that encapsulated all the critical steps needed to be undertaken for a successful shift exchange. Shift exchange is a critical period of approximately 15 minutes where the outgoing staff prepares documents, transfers knowledge and prepares the incoming staff to continue client care delivery. The purpose of the leading practice was to minimize the inconsistencies of care delivery among different frontline staff and service locations. It is evident that clients or patients have the tendancy to become accustomed to certain aspects of service delivery, especially if they receive the same service delivered by the same care provider regularly. The checklist consists of three sections to guide all staff on what steps to follow when they arrive at a site, how to perform the knowledge transfer and paperwork involved, and prepares staff on leaving for a client’s home. The checklist includes critical details to meet the unique needs of each client as well as social considerations for relief (new or contracted agency) staff entering a new site. The checklist improved client satisfaction with care delivery, especially when care is delivered by a staff clients are unfamiliar with. The checklist also adds a level of safety and comfort for clients, ensuring the same, high quality care is delivered regardless of who is providing the service.

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