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In 2009 extensive research was undertaken regarding integrated service delivery systems. ISD Model was then tested at two demonstration sites with very encouraging results including: waitlists for children and youth mental health services were reduced by 89-100% and the number of youths receiving mental health services within the demonstration sites doubled.

Starting in September 2016, after pilot testing the model in two regions, government decided to deploy

ISD throughout the province. In 2016, the ISD Framework was extended to reach 44% of the provincial

population, again with positive results. By September 2017, all regions of the province were implementing the ISD Framework.

A core component of ISD is the The Child and Youth (CY) Team. A multidisciplinary team that provides or coordinates direct and indirect interventions to youth and families presenting with behavioral, social, emotional, addictions, mental health and learning difficulties. The team is uniquely positioned along the continuum of supports and services touching on all tiers of interventions with the capacity to increase and decrease service intensity in collaboration with other resources as required. The team will primarily focus on youth and families displaying moderate to severe impairment or disruption in functioning (tiers 3,4), while also supporting proactive strategies and lower intensity interventions (tiers 1,2) as determined by needs, assessment and clinical judgment.

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