To reduce the number of relocations from hospitals, the CISSSME has deployed the Network intervention early discharge team, the purpose of which is the management of the patient not familiar with Home Support Services, eligible for the Home Support Services and for whom a return to the living environment is complex. The team gets involved before the user stops receiving acute care at the hospital, evaluates the complexity of the situation, finds solutions to resolve the issues and assesses the return to the living environment to avoid relocation from the hospital to public housing. Hospitals are not the ideal environment to assess the patient, and so a return to the living environment must be reviewed quickly with services from Home Support Services and then the appropriateness of accommodation needs to be validated. The team is therefore quickly involved at the hospital and carries out post-hospitalization monitoring to ensure a safe return to the living environment. The team’s involvement allows for a rapid discharge for patients who would normally have been identified to wait to be relocated from the hospital.

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