Annual Client Experience Surveys are an invaluable method of gathering information and showing our patients that we are interested in providing quality care and that we are actively looking for ways to improve. Client Experience Surveys assist Waypoint in identifying ways of improving services, which ultimately translates into better care and happier patients. In 2012, Waypoint joined with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and The Royal and Ontario Shores in using a Mental Health Client Experience Surveying tool. Corporately this tool allows organizations to perform annual comparisons with peer organizations and to assess for trends at a patient and program level.

Patients are surveyed annually by Waypoint and the feedback obtained is acted upon and included in the corporate project planning process. For example, the question “Overall, how would you rate the care you are receiving” is a measure for Waypoint’s Quality Improvement Plan. Each program reviews their survey results with patients and staff to develop quality improvement projects. Patients prioritize quality improvement projects to implement for the coming year

The project’s guiding principles were voice, ethics, engagement of all patients and staff, transparency and curiosity and one of the key goals of the project was to create the organizational infrastructure to support Waypoint’s patients’ voice. The key initiatives identified towards achieving this goal were to:  • Create a patient surveying framework that supports collaboration, transparency and accountability. • Create a corporate framework that information goes from patient to Board and to the public • Client Experience to connect at all levels of the organization • Engage patient/client participation in an environment of support and safety • Ensure the patients’/clients’ voices are heard • Reverse the mental health stigma – Patients know what they require • Develop a survey tool that heightens awareness of respect, kindness and safety • Find methods for as many patients/clients as possible to complete annual survey • Exceed the required organizational practices for patient engagement established by Accreditation Canada and • Ensure all components of the client experience survey supports patient safety.

Waypoint has taken the initiative to survey patients annually and listen to their voices. Patients and Clients are Subject Matter Experts and it is time that healthcare provides embrace what they have to share. Waypoint uses the Client Experience data to develop programs and corporate WIGS (quality improvement projects). The data is shared with programs, Senior Leadership Team, Medical Advisory Committee Quality Committee of the Board, and The Board.

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