In 2006, we redesigned the provincial sleep laboratory and increased the number of monthly tests from 140 per month to 500 per month with only a 31 % increase in operating cost. This has led to a marked reduction in wait times. The Medicine regional database was extended to 2 additional hospitals largely through improvements of efficiency in data collection processes 2009- Assisted with implementation of CTU at VGH. 2010- An electronic medical record system was implemented in our neurology clinic operation and has resulted in markedly improved record quality and substantial nurse and clerk time savings. The EMR implementation was also designed to provide researches with a longitudinal database at no additional cost. Our department’s secretarial and practice support services have been re-engineered to produce numerous functional improvements .For example clinic reports are typed within 48 hours of submission. All dictations can be electronically tracked and can be assessed for quality and timeliness. 2009 to present- We are in the process of implementing a centrally administered regional hospital endoscopy service which will decrease wait time and increase capacity while reducing cost per procedure. 2011-We are also implementing a virtual ward service for chronically ventilated adults in the community. This project will dramatically reduce hospital costs for these patients and improve their quality of life. Currently, we are developing a functional plan for the Ambulatory Care department at SBH, expanded endoscopy services at HSC, and review/ recommendations for increasing capacity of IV infusion services at HSC All of these endeavors have only been possible by combining the expertise of physicians, nurses, and other health professional with input from engineers.

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