The BC Patient Safety & Learning System (PSLS) has revised its Patient Safety e-learning module for health care providers, students, and volunteers across BC. The module bridges across sectors and disciplines to promote a standardized, best-practice approach to reporting and learning from patient safety incidents.

To forward its mission to make health care safer for all British Columbians, PSLS provides the primary incident reporting tool to BC’s regional health authorities and Provincial Health Services Authority.

In place since 2014, PSLS’s Patient Safety e-learning module aims to empower staff to foster a culture of safety in their areas. Although the course had consistently good uptake and reviews, a closer look at the course and its evaluations revealed that it needed improvement.

The previous course focused on patient safety, but lacked the patient voice. Also, learners requested less wordiness, quizzes, non-acute examples, and screen shots to show them how to report incidents in the PSLS tool.

A patient partner and other stakeholders were engaged to co-design content. Feedback and testing was sought from a broad selection of health care providers, leaders, and the public.

The resulting e-learning module offers accessible, up-to-date, and people-centred patient safety training to programs and facilities across BC. The module increases efficiency by eliminating the need for each program and facility across BC to develop its own PSLS training materials: it serves to support local learning opportunities as well as provide training where none currently exists.

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