The Grove is an Integrated Youth Hub providing equitable access to quality, evidence-informed, youth-specific interventions matched to the level of need for youth aged 12-26.

These hubs, supported by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and Youth Wellness Hubs of Ontario (YWHO), provide stigma-free, low-barrier physical settings through an inclusive lens while authentically engaging over 30 partnerships with local agencies and 250 youth ambassadors and community volunteers.

This extensive collaboration has increased integration throughout the healthcare system and thus created a need to balance the confidentiality of youths’ information, ensuring they provide the most appropriate care while removing barriers that can limit and slow down the care process for youth (Burmeister, 2015).

This need for a youth-friendly, barrier-free, implied consent led The Grove to begin a thorough and iterative improvement process examining the consent forms designed externally by adults.

As a people-centred organization committed to authentic youth co-design, co-implementation and co-leadership, youth ambassadors, stakeholders, staff and CMHA’s Director of Risk & Privacy began a multi-step process to support the informed, implied consent process for youth while ensuring they were meeting and exceeding all privacy laws.

1. Youth engagement & capacity building throughout the iterative process of dissecting the

current privacy legislation

2. Youth co-design of three practical, informative and youth-friendly accessible documents

to describe privacy from a youth perspective, the rights and responsibilities of youth

and overall wellness at The Grove (documents enclosed)

3. Youth leadership, design and implementation of the Privacy & Consent training

materials to all Grove Hubs.

Burmeister, O. (2015). Enhancing client welfare through better communication of private mental health data between rural service providers. Australian Journal of Information Systems, 19. DOI: 10.3127/ajis.v19i0.1206

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