Our Code Career Framework is geared towards meeting our basic Talent Management goal of optimal employee attraction and engagement in an era of transformational workforces.  It focuses on career development as a means of building employee capacity and enhancing engagement, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the patient experience through quality and safe patient care. The framework, through its components, is robust and exhaustive and focuses on existing employees as well as future employees.

The three areas of focus of the Code Career Framework are:
(1) Fostering a superior recruitment base by arousing interest and instilling passion in today’s high school students, who are tomorrow’s potential workforce.

Through the launch of two innovative and creative analogous programs: #careercruze and #volunteercruze, tailored specifically to children of The Scarborough Hospital employees, high school students are exposed to the many aspects of health care careers with the aim of rousing their interest.

Students can also complete their mandatory volunteer service requirements by directly observing the roles of professionals working within the hospital and learning the basic values of volunteering.

(2) Enabling Career Development by Defining Career Pathways.
Through the creation and launch of a ground-breaking Career Compass guidebook that provides comprehensive details on hospital career pathways, the framework guides both current and future employees in realizing their vision and reaching their career goals.

(3) Creating an Ongoing Leadership Pipeline.
The development of a robust Succession Planning structure not only provides purposeful, strategic planning for leadership needs, but also ensures that there is an accessible pool of potential leaders to fill leadership gaps when required.  This process identifies and develops emergent leaders and leadership successors.

Significant benefits of these initiatives include: creating greater awareness of health care career opportunities among students; potentially increasing student enrolment into health care programs, thus increasing system capacity; creating an ongoing pipeline of new employee talent to support workforce planning needs; enhancing employee engagement by focusing on employees and their children; developing a deeper capacity for achieving results and maximizing quality care and patient safety. In summary, an engaged and inspired workforce is the key to ensuring the provision of high quality and safe patient care.

Contact Information:

Title: Vice President, Human Resources & Patient Relations

Contact email: rlewis@tsh.to

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