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The Command Centre is a major milestone in Humber’s journey toward becoming a high reliability hospital. It transforms how the hospital manages complex hospital processes and procedures in a high occupancy environment, re-engineering workflows and processes to radically improve the coordination and orchestration of patient flow and care activities. 

While common in other industries, holistic command centres are new to healthcare. A hospital command centre is analogous to an air traffic control system, but for patients. Advanced real-time and predictive analytics help cross-functional staff co-located in the Command Centre to synchronize care delivery activities, eliminate delays in care and resolve patient flow bottlenecks.
The Humber Command Centre is located in a 4,500 ft² space, where 15 roles collaborate to orchestrate care and logistics activities throughout the hospital. 20 workstations in the Command Centre face a Wall of Analytics, which extracts data in real-time from 8 source systems and processes these into insights, using advanced algorithms that provide situational awareness and prompt action.

Although Humber’s Command Centre is the second in the world, several hospitals around the world are now following in its footsteps. The concept is scalable and flexible, with some organizations starting with smaller physical footprints, and focused actions and analytics. Others are establishing major operational hubs to coordinate multi-site operations.

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