Supply management in surgical services is a common challenge for all healthcare facilities.  This challenge is typically borne out of variations in supply utilization that caters to different individual preferences and departmental practices.  These variations are often costly and can potentially have a negative impact on patient safety and outcomes.  To mitigate these variations, the Complete Delivery Hybrid System (CDHS) was introduced.  The CDHS module is an enhancement of custom packs which are currently used by many other health care facilities. CDHS modules were designed, using Lean Methodology, to improve efficiencies by centralizing and standardizing the selecting, handling, and usage of surgical supplies.

The modules focus on the following areas:

– Improving the delivery of supplies to the surgical suites allowing for increased time for patient care;
– Engaging clinical specialists in evaluating commonly used surgical supplies;
– Compressing inventory and reducing product redundancy;
– Improving supply cost identification;
– Enhancing case pick processes and reducing the handling of routine supplies;
– Maximizing storage space in medical device reprocessing department (MDRD) and the surgical suites;
– Increasing staff productivity; and
– Reducing overall supply and labour costs.

During the implementation of the CDHS, operating room and medical devices reprocessing department team members worked together to standardize custom packs and CDHS modules.  Logistics helped with the supply reduction and reconfiguration of storage space. The standardization and centralization of supplies used for surgical procedures required the creative use of storage space.  Ordering processes were also streamlined and par levels readjusted to reflect actual utilization which simplified delivery processes for MDRD.  As well, selection of cases and linen supplies became more efficient following consolidation of routine supplies into modules.

This program has effectively reduced variations in processes and practices and has minimized waste and multiple handling of products thereby reducing the likelihood of errors and promoting patient safety.

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Title: MDRD Manager (Medical Devices Reprocessing Department Manager); Patient Care Manager for Operating Room, Same Day Surgery

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