Kidney transplant recipients are provided with a new take on life and health that does not include dialysis. Although many of the nutrition concerns associated with dialysis are not a problem after kidney transplant, kidney transplant patients still require heart healthy balanced diets to help improve and maintain the health of their new precious organ. Keeping in mind the dietary questions and concerns that can arise after transplant as patients struggle to maintain/achieve a healthy body weight, adapt to new medications and potentially live away from home in a hotel room for up to 3 months, Anja Webster sought to offer interactive heart healthy cooking classes for kidney transplant recipients and their families. The classes, which are run by Anja Webster, RD and Miriam Maxcy, SW offer patients an environment where they can build a sense of community with other kidney transplant recipients while learning new cooking skills and nutrition advice can help maintain the life of their new kidney. New and remote transplant recipients as well as one kidney donor have participated in a number of themed cooking classes with great success. At the end of each cooking class, patients are provided with recipes from the class along with renal friendly recipe books, information about heart

healthy eating and a token to help them get started including salt-free seasonings and olive oil. Contact: Anja Webster, Clinical Dietitian Renal Transplant

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