Vigi Santé


Type of Practice


For over 10 years, Vigi Santé has had an ongoing program of audit visits jointly involving infection prevention and control (IPC) services, hygiene and cleanliness and nursing care at its 15 CHSLDs.

The program includes an annual visit to each of the facilities and a clinical IPC advisor and a hygiene and cleanliness advisor. It is carried out using a standardized audit grid comprising 470 observation criteria (care, cleanliness) and 36 criteria specific to putting on and removing personal protective equipment and hand hygiene (nurses, auxiliary nurses, care attendants and hygiene and cleanliness staff).

This practice makes it possible to:
– standardize and update IPC practices (safe materials and products, techniques and protocols)
sensitize staff, volunteers, residents and their families and reinforce expected practices
– identify strengths and areas for improvement to boost compliance
– orient the development of teaching and promotional tools, available on the organization’s Internet (Espace Famille) and intranet sites.

The visit includes: a visual inspection, the taking of photos illustrating compliances and non-compliances, instruction and immediate feedback on putting on and removing protective equipment, a verbal report at the end of the visit and a written assessment. The recommendations formulated are followed up with an IPC action plan for each facility; plan and photos are submitted to the local risk management and residents’ committees. 

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