Michael Garron Hospital’s (MGH) vision is to Create Health and Build Community for the people of East Toronto, one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in Canada. Diversity and inclusion are central to MGH, as a care provider and an employer; one of the People Goals within the Human Resources Strategic Plan is Build a Respective, Inclusive and Safe Culture. Innovative work to advance this goal is the organization’s efforts to foster an LGBTQ2S inclusive environment. A key component of this work is a partnership with The 519 formed in 2014. The 519 is an organization dedicated to advocacy for the inclusion of LGBTQ2S community. Together, a needs assessment of policies and practices was conducted in fall 2014 with a resulting action plan to build a strong foundation to support inclusivity at MGH. Key components of this action plan include:
• Implementation of mandatory LGBTQ2S inclusivity training for all staff, co-developed and co-facilitated by The 519.
• Revised Harassment and Discrimination Policy to reflect protected grounds of gender identity and gender expression.
• Development of a Gender Identity Policy to safeguard one’s gender identity in the workplace.
• Updated Patient Rights & Responsibilities to include gender affirming language which are posted as a public declaration of MGH’s commitment to inclusivity.
• Updated registration process for patients who identify as trans or gender non-binary, whereby a patient’s chosen name is honoured over the name on their health card.
• Updated single use washroom signage to reflect the contents of the washroom versus gender prescriptive signage. 

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