The growing number of alternative level of care (ALC) patients at the CISSS de Laval, particularly at the Hôpital Cité-de-la-Santé (CSL), prompted us to set up innovative and complementary services. In keeping with the ministerial action plan, the Cross-Functional Rehabilitation Team for Adults and Seniors (CRTAS) was launched to provide a new service offer, one that will give patients timely access to rehabilitation services in a setting where this care and these services are most beneficial to them, under a personalized care and services partnership approach.
Three targeted objectives:
1-To offer medically stable hospitalized patients a home physiotherapy service within 24 hours after discharge, seven days a week.
2-To reduce inappropriate use of beds within the adult rehabilitation continuum.
3-To increase the number of professionals dedicated to the adult and senior rehabilitation continuum in order to support the services offer.

This team is divided into two components:
Hospital Centre/Home component
• Offers a post-hospital physiotherapy service seven days a week in the transition to home, in continuity with the CSL’s rehabilitation services
• Provides the patient with a personalized and safe transition to home
• Reduces hospitalized patients’ average hospital length of stay (HLS)

Continuum component:
• Ensures the fluidity of the services offered in the rehabilitation settings
• Acts in support of teams by offering services in settings where a temporary need is identified

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