In June 2017, Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) implemented the Daily Safety Check to increase leadership engagement and improve situational awareness of safety risks. The Daily Safety Check is new a component of the Quality Improvement Plan. 

The Safety Check consists of a daily teleconference lasting 10 minutes that is held with senior hospital leaders who report safety concerns cascaded upward from front line care providers. The call is led by the administrator on call and includes an announcement of the number of days since the last critical event, never event and rescue index event (i.e. ward mortality with full resuscitation status). Other participants include the directors of the hospital’s clinical areas, the Chief of Staff, the directors responsible for facilities, information technology, quality and risk management and laboratory services, and the hospital’s Vice-Presidents. The Chief Executive Officer participates on occasion.

A Daily Safety report is generated summarizing the issues raised during the call and the responsible individual tasked with addressing each issue. The report is disseminated daily throughout the hospital to front-line managers and medical leaders, as well as the executive team. The expectation is that a solution is found for any safety concern raised by 16:00h that day and reported back to the administrator on call. Results from the daily reports are logged in a Cumulative Safety Report that is reviewed monthly, quarterly and annually to create a cumulative event database facilitating identification of safety improvement opportunities which are reported to the Medical Quality and Patient Safety Committee (MQPSC). 

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