Breast Health for Black Women (BHFBW) was a national, free, and virtual educational event that took place in February 2022 during Black Liberation Month. Hosted by the Peter Gilgan Centre for Women’s Cancers at Women’s College Hospital, in collaboration patients as co-collaborators and leading community organizations such as the Olive Branch of Hope and Canadian Cancer Society, the objective was to empower Black women with education, awareness and resources regarding their breast health. The event featured panels by healthcare providers and breast cancer survivors from the Black community, delivering key information around prevention and breast awareness in a tailored and culturally relevant way. The event was promoted through community partners via social media and personal networks with over 400 attendees from across the country. The program ran for three hours in total and was recorded and posted on Women’s College Hospital’s website. Panels included:

• Breast Cancer Prevention, Screening and Early Detection for Black Women: Knowledge as Self-Empowerment (by Women’s College Hospital)
• Taking a Look at Genetics and Family History (by the Olive Branch of Hope)
• Self-Advocacy Through Uncovered: A Breast Recognition Project (by Rethink Breast Cancer)

The goals for BHFBW were as follows:

• Empower Black women with breast health and wellness information tailored specifically for them
• Highlight the importance of culture and family history
• Share educational resources that are available for Black women
• Increase knowledge and awareness around risk factors, prevention, and early detection
• Provide an opportunity to learn through stories of others

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