The COVID-19 health crisis led to an increase in the number of acute beds needed and to the conversion of beds. It has led to a strong demand for caregivers with specific skills to take care of intensive care, infectious patients. A retraining plan has been put in place in several stages. On the basis of existing job profiles, a list of necessary skills and prerequisites has been drawn up by sector of activity. A census of employees meeting these criteria was carried out in collaboration with team managers. With their approval, employees have been included in the training and support plan. The training plan includes training by video or coaching, learning about procedures, and about putting them into practice outside the patient environment. The topics covered are the patient file, the use of personal protective equipment and the follow-up of a patient requiring mechanical ventilation. The support plan allows employees to be supervised for the first patient care with their instructor. Then, an interview is carried out to take stock of the retraining experience. The anticipation of the retraining plan, put in place before the start of the hospital emergency plan, has made it possible to mobilize all employees in this health crisis and to ensure safe and quality care for patients in all areas of the hospital.

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