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Hand Hygiene Audits are conducted randomly by CBI Health supervisors out in the community using a direct observation method, however the volume of hand hygiene audits completed each month wildly fluctuated. CBI Health supervisor working groups identified the practice of completing the hand hygiene form on paper and then copying it over into an electronic tracker was adding additional time and increasing their workloads. To complicate matters, the master template updates resulted in supervisors not always having the most current tracker version.

Taking a user-centered approach, CBI Health Clinical Excellence and Quality Team (CEQ) created an electronic audit form (electronic survey) that would be accessible to our supervisory teams at any given moment, is secured, and can be easily accessed on a smart phone or laptop while out working in the community. The form is centrally managed and will always have the most current information as the one source of truth.


Monthly Hand Hygiene audits completed increased by 25%

Supervisor satisfaction with the audit process improved; Supervisors reported the process becoming easier to use

CBI Health CEQ have been able to improve the audit process to identify more opportunities for improvement

Reduce Carbon footprint – no more paper forms for auditing

Other CBI Health regions now looking to have same approach scaled to their teams

Ability to leverage the real-time data to import to digital dashboards accessible by supervisors, directors, executive leadership, including the ability to overlay other pertinent data to identify correlations and further data analysis

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