Disclosure is a proof of transparency towards patients and family. It is therefore a privileged way to maintain and solidify the bond of trust with the population. In this context, an audit was conducted and provided food for thought in the context of the revision of policies and procedures in place in the organisation around the disclosure of adverse events. Disclosure is an important moment for patients and their families. Patients that have been victim of an accident in the context of health care and social services are entitled to and need to know the circumstances of this accident.

The results of this project led to the identification of improvement aimed at better supporting the teams members that need to make those disclosures to patients and families, thereby consolidating

the safety culture in the organization. In addition, this project highlighting the needs of patients and families opens the way to a higher quality of disclosures.

In collaboration with a patient partner recruited for this project, interviews were conducted with patients and families who had experienced adverse events in 2019 and for whom a disclosure was made. These interviews, conducted in a climate of trust and openness, provided rich information about the needs of patients and their families in a disclosure context. The approach used to conduct these interviews encouraged confidences despite the sometimes tragic circumstances of the adverse events in cause

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