Early comprehensive, stage specific treatment, provided by a specialized Early Psychosis program has been demonstrated to improve clinical and functional outcomes for young people aged 12-35 years experiencing the early stages of a psychotic disorder. In this submission we describe a transformational process through which specialized Early Psychosis treatment has been made available to young people and their families throughout the province of Nova Scotia. Initiated in the Halifax area, the spread of this offering has continued over a number of years, with a recent major advance being in 2018 with the formation of a province-wide Early Psychosis Service under the name, Early Psychosis Intervention Nova Scotia (EPINS).

The goal of EPINS is to provide early, comprehensive, stage specific treatment to all young people in Nova Scotia who are experiencing the early stages of a psychotic disorder. Our Quality Improvement activities within EPINS are intended to achieve two goals: (1) increase access to evidence-based care; and (2) enhance the quality of that care. Measures include performance against established national and international standards.

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