The delivery of hygiene and sanitation services has been the focus of intensive actions by the CHA to ensure safety, accessibility, complementarity, effectiveness, efficiency, continuity, and client-centred services. These criteria were the basis for developing an action plan and ensuring that the expected quality was actually delivered. The local repercussions were striking. Effective work methods ensure quality that is recognized by client services as well as patients. The handling of soiled linens when a patient is discharged, the implementation of planned disinfection of grey areas by a dedicated team, support for care units in training, expertise in establishing grey areas between patients, quality control for regular discharges and strict isolation, the formation of an intervention team to disinfect strict isolation rooms and handle spills of hazardous products, as well as the designation of a quality officer to support client services, have all demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that these changes have had a major impact in the institution and for clients. At the regional level, CHA is now a benchmark for hygiene and sanitation, both for the documents it has produced and shared across the region and for its expertise, as it is now called on by other facilities and has representatives on various regional and provincial committees.

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