Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are transforming how organizations use data to guide strategy, operations and point in time decision making. We have designed and implemented a comprehensive, interactive and integrated enterprise BI solution at SickKids to facilitate timely access to robust and reliable data to support better decision making, improve care and service delivery.  

SickKids is a specialty hospital with a ‘best-in-class’ approach, resulting in numerous decentralized data sources. The enterprise BI solution allows for integration of some core data sources to standardize and automate stakeholder reporting needs, using best practices for data management, governance and new technologies.  

The BI solution has components for metadata management, performance measurement, dashboards, unique associative data model and strong visualization. Reporting for each area (Clinical, Finance, Human Resources (HR) and Research) is done through ‘Applications’. These ‘Applications’ allow for multi-dimensional analysis of the integrated data as well as data discovery through self-service analytics. Customization capabilities allow for in-depth analytics at all levels of the organization. To date we have built 16 comprehensive Applications, providing stakeholders with access to an integrated data platform built from ADT (registration, orders, booking), Coded (inpatient and emergency), case costing, Finance, HR and Research (Grants) data. This innovative approach to integrating data, creating information and self-serve analytics empowers users to confidently apply the solution to make reliable decisions based on historic and real time data. SickKids is experiencing a profound change in data fluency culture, data quality management and governance to inform and transform strategies and every day operations. 

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