The existence of web-based portals and electronic health records are making it much easier for clients (children and youth) and families to access health information in a timely and convenient manner. This access has the potential to promote enhanced activation in care. Activated health care consumers are those that have the skills, knowledge and motivation to participate as active members of the team and manage their care more successfully (Von Korff et al, 1997). Based on feedback from clients and families who were requesting easier and more timely access to their health information, the development of an online portal became a priority at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, and clients and families were engaged in all aspects of this project from grant development through to implementation and evaluation. An online portal called connect2care was launched in December 2014 and results have been positive. The connect2care portal provides clients and families with electronic access to clinical documentation from their medical record, online access to appointment information, and a secure two-way messaging system to connect with their care providers. Outcomes: To date (December 2014 to August 2017), over 2000 users have been registered for the online portal, with over 24000 uses (unique logins) within that same timeframe. A user survey was conducted a multiple time points, and the results are shared below. Enrollment continues to be strong, and the organization is committed to continuing to optimize the value of the portal and moving towards a future where it is our main means of communicating health information to clients and families. In addition, we have published two peer-reviewed journal articles related to this initiative.

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